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26 Jan 2019
Both, individual speakers and the teams from BSS demonstrated great verbal skills and showcased excellent argumentative knowledge.

26-27 January, 2019

The World Scholar`s Cup/Sofia Round

This weekend was one of the most anticipated for the middle year students from British School of Sofia. For the third consecutive year, seven teams of students (four senior and three junior) took part in the World Scholar`s Cup/Sofia Round 2019. 

The competition takes place once a year in different countries around the world and attracts thousands of students who attend the nearest regional round. The event includes four features: Scholar`s Bowl, Collaborative writing, Scholar`s Challenge and Team Debate. The aim is to encourage students to debate or write uniquely, regardless of the experience they have. Normally, there are pupils who have never been in formal discussions as well as advanced performers, but all of them are challenged to give arguments in favour of their opinions on specific topics, constructing logical statements and presenting the judges with their evidence. 

This year there were around 300 students from 13 schools at the Sofia Round. The global theme of the event was "A World on the Margins”. Both, individual speakers and the teams from BSS demonstrated great verbal skills and showcased excellent argumentative skills. As a result they excelled and won many silver and gold medals. They also were in the winning team who qualified for the global round of the competition.

Our school Top Scholars are as follows - in the Junior Division, Jeanne Breton and in Senior Division, Vladislav Kostic. We achieved 5th place in the overall ranking in the Junior Division for Mihaela Novkova, Fady Abdalla, and Jeanne Breton and 8th place in the Senior Division for Elitza Tocheva, Dimitar Dimitrov and Angeliki Dimou.

Remarkable performance in Team Writing. Senior Division - 2nd place for Vladislav Kostic, Yavor Iliev, Georgi Vladimirov and 1st place for Elitza Tocheva, Dimitar Dimitrov, Angeliki Dimou. Sixth place for Saleh Khaluf, Tahreem Asad and Sofia Durrani. In addition to this, Mihaela Novkova, Fady Abdalla and Jeanne Breton took 8th place in the Junior Division in Team Writing.

We achieved 4th place in Team Debate in the Junior Division and 13th and 5th place in the same competition in the Senior Division as well as many individual silver and gold medals in different subjects.

Writing Champions - 2nd place for Angeliki Dimou and 1st place for Elitza Tocheva.

To add to the success of the school contributions also came from Victoria Atanassova-Picard, Alexandra Stefanova, Luisa-Evgenia Caselli, Noreen Schockaert and Lia Marie Tejeda with gold or silver medals in the Junior Division and Liliya Lazarova and Haralds Paps in Senior Division. 

Congratulations to all who participated and represented our school so excellently and confidently.

Videos could be found here.


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