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CAS presentations

28 May 2019
Students from Grade 12 who graduate this year presented their CAS projects.

CAS projects involve real purposeful activities with significant outcomes, personal challenge, thoughtful consideration, such as planning, reviewing progress and reporting, and reflection on outcomes and personal learning. All students are involved in activities they have initiated themselves. Among the projects were different charity and volunteering initiatives such as the project with the Order of Malta, organising many Bake Sales throughout the school years 2017/2018 and 2018/2019, charity activities for supporting Cedar Foundation. Our graduates went on a journey in Vitosha mountain last summer as part of the CAS programme and many more. They took part in World Scholar's Cup as well as part of their creativity programme and even qualified for the Global Round in Hague.

Thiough it is not formally assessed, CAS involves students in different activities in the three essential elements of the programme - creativity, activity and service. At the end of the Diploma Programme students provide evidence of achieving the learning outcomes for CAS. They developed skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and decision making, initiative and perseverance.

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