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Shaping Future Leaders: The British School of Sofia’s Approach to IB 2

16 Novr 2023

At the British School of Sofia (BSS), preparing students for success in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and beyond is a fundamental goal. This commitment was at the forefront of a recent parent-teacher meeting, where key aspects of the IB2 curriculum and the school's support mechanisms were discussed. The expectations of BSS's IB2 students are high. The school involves the parents by informing them of how the students can best be assisted by the school’s joint effort and at-home support and how this preparation shapes their future.


Understanding Prediction Grades and the Extended Essay

In IB DP2 students are issued with predicted grades; initially given in January as a required document for the university application process. These are formulated on the basis of Term 1 Key exams and their progress on the required internal assessments. They give students an opportunity to recognise their areas of strength and areas for improvement, as well as universities are given an indication of the students’ attainment. The second predicted grades are issued directly to the IB in March, on the basis of students’ Mock Exams and are used by the IB to monitor teachers’ effectiveness and ability to assess students. 


Another significant element is the Extended Essay, a core requirement of the IB Diploma. This independent, self-directed piece of research, culminating in a 4,000-word paper, allows students to engage in an in-depth study of a topic of interest within a chosen subject. Graded A-E, the essay develops research, writing, and critical thinking skills crucial for higher education and professional life.


Total Points and Diploma Achievement

For the IB Diploma, students must accumulate points from various components, with 24 points being the minimum for passing. This point system encourages students to strive for excellence across all subjects, fostering a well-rounded academic profile. In addition to the 1-7 points available for each of the 7 subjects, students are also able to receive up to 3 additional points for their Extended Essay and TOK assessment. 


Parental Support and Organisational Skills

A critical discussion point was the vital role of parental support in this journey. Parents are encouraged to assist their children with daily organisational tasks, helping them identify areas where additional effort can yield significant improvements. Equally important is guiding them through more challenging subjects and effective time management.


Preparation for Future Challenges

The rigorous preparation for the IB examinations at BSS is more than just an academic endeavour. It shapes students into highly functional, well-organised individuals capable of effective decision-making. By navigating the demands of the IB curriculum, students develop resilience, adaptability, and a forward-thinking mindset. These skills are invaluable in their future academic and professional lives, positioning them to succeed in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.


BSS's Comprehensive Support System

BSS prides itself on providing a supportive environment for its IB students, which includes offering assistance with legalising diplomas and sending results to university upon request. The school ensures that students know the vast array of available tools and types of aid for their academic and personal growth. BSS ensures that paths to secondary education are made accessible and easy to navigate. 


The British School of Sofia's approach to the IB Diploma Programme is holistic, focusing not just on academic success but also on the overall development of students as future leaders. The school's commitment to providing comprehensive support, coupled with the active involvement of parents, ensures that students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the IB and beyond. This robust foundation paves the way for them to become influential, decision-making individuals ready to contribute positively to society. 


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