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Inspiration and Action: Reflecting on Our Successful 'Find A Cause Day'

13 Oct 2023

The impact of "Find A Cause Day" lingers in the hearts and minds of our students at the British School of Sofia. The day was more than just a talk. It sparked motivation, empathy, and action within our school community. Terry Kyle, the founder of "Every Dog Matters," shared his inspiring journey, which resonated with our students and inspired them to take positive action. This budding partnership between BSS and Every Dog Matters is part of the Student Council project promise of Council members Anna and Ellie, who took the initiative and organized a means for students to volunteer at the shelter.

The aftermath of this event is a vibrant community with a purpose. Our students have been buzzing with ideas and plans to support the project and other community service initiatives. This enthusiasm is about helping animals and promoting a broader consciousness and responsibility towards societal roles.

As educators, we are proud to see our students evolve into conscientious individuals ready to make a positive change in the world. "Find A Cause Day" was a stepping stone towards a future where our students don't just aspire to be part of the world but also play a role in healing it. We look forward to nurturing these sparks into lasting flames of change, making BSS an institution of education and a cradle of empathy and innovation.

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