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Celebrating the cultures of BSS: Spain

09 Oct 2023

Celebrating the cultures of BSS: Spain

The British School of Sofia takes pride in its diverse and multicultural environment, exemplified by the week-long celebration of the cultures of BSS. Among the many exciting events, Spanish Week stands out as a favourite among students. From learning about the rich history and traditions of Spain to indulging in its mouth-watering cuisine, Spanish Week is a time for students to immerse themselves in the beauty of Spanish culture.

During morning assembly on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, students in grades 7 and above gathered in the gym to participate in educational presentations prepared by their fellow schoolmates. The highlight of Wednesday was a tortilla-making session with Ms. Sofi, where students had the opportunity to learn how to make the traditional Spanish dish. The excitement was palpable as the kids helped Ms. Sofi cook in the yard by the cafeteria, with the delicious aroma of the food permeating throughout the school.

On Thursday, students from IGCSE 1 and 2 prepared tapas with Ms Annie early in the morning, which added to the buzz of activity as everyone in the school eagerly lined up to try the authentic Spanish treats later in the day.

Celebrating the Cultures of BSS: Spain is a testament to the school's commitment to diversity and a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about a different culture. We hope that this event will inspire students to explore other cultures and broaden their horizons.

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