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First dip - BSS pool opening season is here!

30 Jun 2023

We at BSS campus take great pride in our magnificent outdoor pool, which became a hub of excitement and joy as we dipped into its refreshing waters for the first time on Friday. 

On the first day of our summer school, Monday morning, the students arrived with huge smiles on their faces, wearing their swimming suits and brimming with excitement. They have been eagerly waiting for a whole week to have a blast in the water, as patient as any child could be. Finally, the long-awaited moment had arrived. 

Water fun at the BSS' summer school started with our toddlers. There was lots of laughter and splashes under the warm sun! 

Second session for the day was with the older students, who were eager to showcase their swimming skills and enjoy some friendly competition in the pool. The lifeguards and our swimming instructor were on hand to ensure the safety of all participants, while also encouraging them to push their boundaries and try new techniques.

At BSS, we believe that the joy and excitement generated by outdoor activities such as swimming can have a profound impact on a student's overall development. The summer school program not only offers an opportunity for students to cool off and have fun but also encourages them to build resilience, teamwork, and confidence.

The official start of the season means it is time for countless water adventures ahead!

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