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BSS Science show 2023

21 Jun 2023

In a remarkable display of scientific exploration and discovery, students from grades 4 and 5 came together to present an amazing science show as part of an open lesson session. Filled with excitement and curiosity, these young scientists showcased a wide array of experiments. The science show, which was held at one of the science laboratories of BSS, aimed to provide an interactive platform for budding young scientists to exhibit their scientific knowledge and skills. Under the guidance of their dedicated teachers, the students demonstrated a diverse range of experiments, each designed to stimulate both the mind and imagination.

The young scientists explored various scientific disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science, through their fascinating presentations. The science show not only highlighted the scientific acumen of the students but also emphasized the essential skills they had developed throughout the year. It is through initiatives like these that we can continue to nurture curiosity and inspire a love for science among our students.



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