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Exploring HP's work experience and internship program: Insights from Vasil Aleksandrov, Business Analytics and Reporting Manager

22 Jun 2023

During today's career-oriented event, Vasil Aleksandrov, Business Analytics and Reporting Manager at HP, imparted invaluable insights and experiences to 9th and 11th-grade students. With eight years of dedicated service at HP, Mr. Aleksandrov's journey within the company has been characterized by continuous growth and significant role transitions, positioning him as an ideal representative to offer a comprehensive overview of the HP work experience.

 The event commenced with a brief introduction to HP as a company. He highlighted its rich history and shared the core values that drive the organization. With a legacy spanning several decades, HP has established itself as a leading technology company, continuously innovating and empowering individuals and businesses worldwide.

To provide the attendees with a deeper understanding of the work environment at HP, Vasil chose to focus on a particular role – that of a Service Delivery Manager (SDM). He walked the audience through a typical daily schedule for an SDM, illustrating the responsibilities and challenges that come with the role. This glimpse into the work life at HP showcased the dynamic nature of the company and its commitment to excellence in service delivery. 

In addition, a light was shed on the application of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technologies at HPexplaining how these immersive technologies are utilized within the company to enhance various aspects of their operations.

 One of the key highlights of the event was the discussion around HP's internship program. 

This program stands out by offering year-round paid internships to students, providing a remarkable opportunity for individuals to gain practical experience. 

HP's internship program prides itself on its inclusive eligibility criterion, requiring only enrollment as a student. This allows a wide range of individuals to benefit from the program and gain valuable hands-on experience. 

The company's dedication to designing programs that cater to the specific needs and interests of every intern is emphasized. These comprehensive programs offer a holistic learning experience, encompassing technical skills, professional growth, and exposure to various business facets. HP ensures interns receive a well-rounded education for future career opportunities.

The importance of mentorship was emphasized within HP's internship program. Each intern is assigned a dedicated mentor who offers guidance and support throughout their internship journey. Drawing from personal experience, Vasko underscored the significant role mentors play in helping interns develop skills and navigate the professional world effectively.

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