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To work for BBC

21 Jun 2023


Our students from Grade 9 and Grade 11 had the privilege of attending an online career-oriented presentation focused on the media business. Krassimira Hendry, a distinguished journalist from the BBC in London, shared her insights and experiences with the students, offering guidance for their future professional journeys.

 During the meeting, Krassimira Hendry shed light on her professional journey and the reasons behind her decision to pursue a career in journalism. She candidly discussed the challenges she encountered in her profession and the rewarding moments that made it all worthwhile.

 She also shared practical tips and advice for future job applications. Mrs. Hendry stressed the importance of online behavior and how prospective employers are interested in the content of job applicants' social media profiles. Also commented on the credibility of information on the internet and the need to think critically and fact-check, as more and more of it is comprised of fake news.

She provided valuable insights on how to stand out from the competition, emphasizing the importance of motivation and hard work.

This meeting served as a valuable opportunity for our students to learn from a professional, inspiring them to explore their own career aspirations and consider the paths they may choose to pursue.

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