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Behind the screens: Unmasking cybercrime's reality

14 May 2023

British school of Sofia’s campus was selected as the filming location of some of the scenes for the new Bulgarian film “Cybercrime".

The film "Cybercrime" aims to support the work of the General Directorate for the Prevention of Cybercrime and will be broadcasted in Bulgaria as well as other European countries.

"Every 37 seconds an internet crime is committed somewhere in the world," says Atanas Mihaylov, writer and director of Cybercrime. 

The plot revolves around and presents stories based on actual cases. Casual dating on social networks often turns into a nightmare, a 13-year-old girl is blackmailed online. Allegedly, a good friend secretly filmed a half-naked classmate in the locker room after a physical education class, assigned her to be the "troublemaker" of the class, and without batting an eye, spread the video on the network. 

The authors of the production have a primary goal of raising public awareness regarding the crimes committed against children. Their intention is to serve as a reminder that there is an urgent need for effective methods of prevention and protection against cybercrime. The film has the important mission of being educational material when GDBOP officials talk to students in schools and explain to them the dangers of being on the Internet.







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