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Sport as a universal language: Fostering tolerance and understanding

16 May 2023

Today, in the BSS kindergarten, we celebrated the International Day dedicated to peaceful coexistence. The Kindergarten and BSS Primary children had an amazing experience right from the morning, dedicated to sharing. Nearly 100 children formed the word "TOGETHER" with their bodies. They were inspired by the themes of community, understanding, and tolerance.

Another surprise awaited them in the cold morning in the kindergarten - we were visited by Tsvetelina Stoyanova, a rhythmic gymnast with 15 years of experience in the Bulgarian national team. Tsvetelina is the national champion for girls, the European champion with the Bulgarian ensemble in 2014, and the absolute world champion from the championship in the same year.

The young athlete is the winner of more than 200 international and state cups and medals and is a true inspiration for every girl who chooses rhythmic gymnastics. Tsveti's visit caused real excitement among many children, for whom she is an idol. They asked questions, translated them from English into Bulgarian, competed to get an autograph, and took a picture with the gymnast.

The young woman talked about the long and challenging training, the support in the team, and the strong spirit. She shared stories about the camaraderie and trust between the girls in the ensemble that make teamwork so successful. She also emphasized the motivation to always strive for success by surpassing one's own achievements.

It was not by chance that we chose to invite a successful athlete to the International Day dedicated to peaceful coexistence. Sport is an international language of tolerance and understanding; it unites differences and promotes teamwork. We believe that meeting a world champion was a real inspiration for the children of BSS.

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