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Grade 1 IPC Presentations: Freeze it!

16 Jan 2023

The last topic that our 1st graders worked on in their IPC classes was “Freeze it”. It is always fascinating to see how children at age of 6 y.o. reflect on important topics, such as:

  • Why do we need to eat healthy snacks and how to make them;
  • How to save energy; 
  • What causes air pollution and how we can prevent it;
  • Why do we need plants;
  • How to make our shoes not slippery.

Moreover, each team had a different approach to the chosen topic. For instance there were "Breaking News", a cooking show, hand-made projects, etz.

The projects that our 1st graders made are evidence of the cross-curricular links applied in the BSS teaching approach where 1 topic is developed in several classes. For instance, the students worked on their projects not only in IPC, but also during Art and Lego classes.

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