26 Novr 2020



Our students will have their monthly competition on 26th November 2020The 4 houses DRAGON, KRAKEN, PHOENIX, CENTAUR will compete in the field of STEM.

The competition will be divided in two - Grade 4 - 7 and Grade 8 - 12. It will take place on 26 November at 16:00 ; Room 1201 for Grade 4 -7 and Room 1409 for Grade 8 - 12. 

There will be 5 stations ( one for each STEM subject - D&T, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics).The houses teams will go in one by one. For each station, the participants need to complete the task as quickly as possible, raise their hands to confirm it has been done and be checked by the supervisor if everything is OK in order to continue. The total number of minutes to pass through all the stations will be 7. Each house will complete the tasks for as quickly as they can; then the next House will come in.


The House Competition is something found in many British Schools. It encourages teamwork and healthy competition amongst students. The idea of this competition is to divide pupils into groups and thus create smaller communities within the large one 


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