Maths Projects

12 Jun 2020
Mathematics could be fun and that is a non-deniable statement at BSS.

These videos demonstrate our Mathematics Teacher Mrs. Iliana Sedeva's approach to teaching Maths in an engaging and creative way. Her students received assignments to make a roller coaster  to investigate the Mathematics behind it and afterwards to choose a mathematics topic and using cartoons teach the rest of the class.

Students from Grade 6 executed an interesting project in Maths - to make a cartoon. And the results are brilliant, interesting and fun. Enjoy their creative ideas behind Mathematical problems.

Our second video showcases the Mathematics behind the roller coaster. The students from Grade 6 Mathematics, Standard group have written their research in a format of a scientific paper, with citations and bibliography. The next step was to build their own roller coaster and to test it with a marble. They needed to make a video of the test and present it and in front of the class.


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