Science Class

11 Feb 2020

Marie Curie. Rosalyn Yalow. Herta Müller. Tu Youyou. What do all these women have in common? If you answered with a “Nobel Prize”, you got it right.

Today, the 11th of February, we commemorate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The curriculum that we use at BSS enhances the learning in this area through the STEM classes. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. At our school these areas overlap, stimulating the students to make the connections between them. If you think about it, what is engineering without mathematics? Or how do you operate a chemistry lab without certain technological wonders, which help you with your experiments? It will be very hard indeed.

From a teacher’s perspective, pouring this type of knowledge into the heads of your students can sometimes be challenging. Yes, you can talk yourself to exhaustion. Yes, you can give assignments. Yes, you can use the good ol’ tests. But how to make the students love the classes? How to make them eager to learn? We at BSS solve this problem by applying holistic education in our classes.

This academic approach to teaching emphasizes on the growth of a learner as such. On the development as a person. On the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic and spiritual potentials. Therefore, you could say, that we at BSS create individuals, who balance the understanding of “self” in relation to the world. 

And conquering the world starts at very early age at school. Oftentimes in the STEM classes. Did Marie Curie wake up one day in her twenties and decide to see what that radioactivity thing was? Probably not. In her era even receiving a proper education as a woman was almost impossible. She was curious. She was smart. She was dedicated. These are the personal qualities that we develop in our students.

We don’t say that all BSS alumni will win Nobel Prizes. Some of the IB graduates will become artists. Some will become programmers. Some will be in business. But we teach all of them the foundations of thinking and applying their thoughts and ideas when solving problems. Also, scientific ones.

Even in the 21st century women aren’t widely represented not only in science but in many other fields. At BSS we give equal opportunities to everyone, disregarding their sex, religion or nationality. We prepare all our students to change the future. We prepare them to be amazing at what they do and to do it with passion.

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