The achievements of BSS students covered by the media of the Technical University of Sofia

03 Jul 2023

The summer months and vacation time provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of our students during the past school year. One notable achievement worth celebrating is the impressive performance of our sixth graders in a math competition held internationally.
Our friends at the Technical University of Sofia recognized the significance of these successes and graciously hosted a special event to honor our students.
Sixth-graders from the British School of Sofia (BSS) participated for the first time in the Small Primary category of the CENTURE+COBIS Maths All Stars Cup. They achieved an impressive second place in the world in this category, competing against more than 160 British schools from 61 countries!
The special event at the Technical University of Sofia was undoubtedly a memorable experience for our six-graders. It not only celebrated their accomplishments but also served as an inspiration for their future academic pursuits. The recognition and appreciation they received at the event undoubtedly boosted their confidence and motivated them to continue excelling in their studies.
Here is how the visit was reported on the website of the Technical University of Sofia, and the article will soon be published in the specialized edition of the university, the magazine "Technical Vanguard".

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