A guide to tackling the extended essay

29 May 2023

The graduates of this academic year have triumphed over a multitude of challenges throughout their school journey and are enthusiastically inclined to share their invaluable experiences with Grade 11 students.

In today's presentation, the focus was on providing valuable tips based on their own experiences in preparing the Extended Essay, which is a mandatory 4,000-word research paper in the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) core.

The Grade 12 students offered practical guidance to the Extended Essay. Including expert advice on essay structuring, proficient source exploration, and effective organization of the writing journey. Furthermore, they delved into the art of selecting a suitable topic and crafting a compelling research question, while shedding light on optimal approaches to tackle the essay writing process. Emphasizing the significance of a meticulously structured essay and the reliance on credible sources formed a crucial part of their comprehensive discourse.

This remarkable academic endeavor gives IB students the freedom to explore a topic of your choice and put your research, analytical, and writing skills to the test. To excel in this endeavor, understanding the IB's Extended Essay guidelines is essential. The IB students have to take the time to immerse theirself in the subject-specific criteria and assessment rubrics. They have to pay attention to crucial details like word count limits, required formatting styles (MLA, APA), and any specific guidelines from your school or supervisor. A clear understanding of the requirements will keep them on track and focused throughout the process.

The IB Extended Essay offers an incredible opportunity for students to dive deep into a topic of their choice, putting their research, analytical, and writing skills to the test. It's an academic endeavor that allows you to showcase your abilities and pursue your academic interests.

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