The next annual edition of the BSS House Competition is coming up

23 May 2023
The house system is a traditional practice in British schools worldwide, where students are divided into different groups known as 'houses.' The main objective of this system is to promote teamwork, loyalty, and friendship through friendly competitions. 
At the British School of Sofia, there are four houses: Phoenix House, Kraken House, Centaur House, and Dragon House. 
The 'Houses Competition' for this academic year is being organized by Katya Nikolova, who is the head of the Pastoral Activities and Behavior Department at BSS.
She is working together with other teachers to coordinate the event. The competition is scheduled to take place on June 1, aligning with International Children's Day. 
Katya Nikolova will provide further details about the challenges that the children will face in the 2023 edition in the video.
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