Learning English as an adventure

11 May 2023

Are you fluent in English? Do you face any difficulties at school? We are here to help you!

Fast ForWord in BSS

BSS tries to provide innovative digital solutions that help students develop their skills. We made a partnership with Fast ForWord - a software based on the principle of neuroplasticity. This way we give the opportunity for growth to students who need additional support for their English or cognitive abilities.

Every day the assigned students are provided with a place and a supervisor who monitors their practice. Parents receive emails that show the progress of the students and they are given recommendations for possible additional exercises.

What is Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is a learning software that includes 6 different levels.

Each level has from 5 to 8 games that develop specific cognitive and language skills.

They are made with an interface appropriate for the student’s age.


The student has unlimited access (24/7) and they can work from different devices.

Since the software rely on repetition and the trial-error principle, we apply it in school on daily basis.


The software gives very specific feedback to the teacher.

For example, we could learn whether the student has a difficulty with:

  • distinguishing between B and P sounds (Phonological Awareness)
  • recognizing whether a sound is low and high (Listening Comprehension)
  • distinguishing between singular and plural of the verb (Grammar structures)
  • completing their time on the activities (Attention)


What is Clear Fluency?

Clear Fluency is a digital library with over 500+ texts with various topics, number of words and level of difficulty.

It uses voice recognition, so that the student can read the text out loud.

This helps the student to:

  • improve their accent
  • enrich their vocabulary
  • focus better

The software again gives very specific feedback to the teacher.

For example:

  • How many words per minute did the student read?
  • Did the student understand the meaning of the text?
  • Which words did the student have difficulty pronouncing?

 Are you up for the challenge?

More for Clear Fluency in the video: ClearFluency by Carnegie Learning - YouTube

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