Sponsorship Request

28 Mar 2022
Can you imagine the horrors that the children of Ukraine have had to endure? Wondered how lost and broken they must feel when they are far away from their homes and families? Can you feel with them? If we can shift their eyes away from the horrible images of destroyed homes and streets, we will!

Instead, the British School of Sofia, Konstantin-Kiril Filosof private school and Innovative Education Foundation are hosting refugee children from Ukraine aged 6-18 for the period April 4th-June 30th. Our wish is to bring back a sense of normalcy after all they have left behind.

Within 2 days of offering the service, we had already 150 children signed up. For time being, we are hosting 90 students, meaning we are going to put the students on a rotation.

Everything is for free for the refugee's children. Overwhelmed by the number of students in such a short amount of time, we are now facing some logistical issues that we had not expected and are looking for support from the community. 

  • Already we are having to recruit more teachers, we believed we would be able to use our staff but due to a large number of students, we will be hiring teachers and staff.
  • We have freed up rooms on our Ekaterina Nencheva site, which we will be fitting out for the classes to accommodate the students.
  • We have arranged for members of BSS staff and students, to go and support, decorate and offer some classes

How can you help?

Lunches will be provided for free as well as 1 snack. We were prepared to pay for this but due to large numbers are looking for sponsors.  It could be for a week or the whole period. It could be snacks/drinks/water or even fruits. It also could be finances to pay for the catering we have arranged. 

We opened a special bank account to accumulate money for the meals of the children. We need around 14 000 BGN per month or about 42 000 BGN per the whole period.

Bank: DSK
IBAN: BG59 STSA 9300 0028 8622 51
Receiver: Innovative Education Foundation 

For more information or additional help that you might provide, please contact Ralitsa Petrova - +359 882 210 210.

We guarantee transparency – we are going to update you regularly how the accumulated money is spent!

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