Building and Engaging the Community

07 Oct 2020
Working with the community is something that we are proud of at British School of Sofia. Keeping in touch with the parents regularly helps us build and maintain our community.

Community collaboration is important. It is a two-sided process and involves important 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration and teamwork and flexibility.

How do we involve community in school life?

  • School Events
  • Charity Events (Internal and Public)
  • Coffee Mornings with the counsellors
  • Open Lessons

Our school events calendar is quite rich, broad in perspectives and colourful. Communication to parents is not only centralized onto student’s profile. 

Upon the beginning of every school year we organize a Welcome BBQ Party for our families. We put emphasis on our international diversity and engage parents to showcase their nation, culture and cuisine.

During the whole school year we proceed in engaging parents in different events so they are being involved in our community activities. Like Job's Day in Primary 1. Some of our parents visited the school and explained what their profession is.

Bridge between the class teacher and the parent’s community is our Lead Class Parent (LCP). LCP is an important figure, the driving force of a class when it comes to school initiatives and collaboration with all the families. And they really help a lot in making these events a successful result of our common effort.

We support causes as was our last year's project - Give a Gift to a Child.

We organized Bake Sales regularly – charity events that collect money for a purpose not beneficial for the school but for the community. We help charity organizations and we support causes.

Open lessons are the perfect opportunity for parents to feel engaged in the education. Our Open Lessons Weeks attract quite a lot of our parents and they attend different classes in order to see how their children are doing in school.

Our school counsellors hosted numerous Coffee mornings and invited parents to share thoughts and make suggestions on current topics.

But then COVID-19 situation affected us all – international schools and families as well.

As we did not have the chance to carry out our events and to engage the community, we had to maintain the bond with the parents. We organised regular online Coffee Mornings to keep parents informed, engaged and active in the school life. We discussed important issues on adaptation to online learning, parents met with other parents in the same situation and raised questions – and all of this over a cup of coffee in the safe environment of their homes. Though in an online environment we proceeded to keep in touch with our parents and to exchange thoughts and experience, to share worries and catch up on the latest news from the school.

We received positive feedback during the online learning period and we really felt the support and engagement of our parents to our common mission – the well-being and good and excellent academic results of their and our children.

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