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Vitosha Ski Week: 04 – 08 February 2019

Transport/Collection and drop-off

  • All students must be at school each morning not later than 8:15. The buses will leave the school at 08:30.
  • Buses will leave at 8:30 prompt each morning from the school. We are unable to delay departure for students who arrive after that time. If children arrive late parents will be responsible to take them to Vitosha. If for whatever reason your child is not attending one of the days, please call and let the office know. The bus service is provided by the licensed transportation company.
  • Transport will be available – morning collection as usual and in the afternoon they will leave school at 16:30. 
  • The children from Nursery 1 and 2 will be brought back from Vitosha at 14:00 o’clock for a midday sleep. (They should also have a packed lunch, as they will not return on time for lunch). Afternoon snack will be provided by the school, as usual after the midday sleep. Reception group will stay with the school, and be ready for collection at school at 16:30.
  • A PTA member will be at the slopes to observe. PLEASE BE AWARE that parents are NOT invited to assist with supervision or to take photos. This is a distraction for the children and can have a negative effect on the ski lessons.



Children attending the Ski Week should have the following equipment:

  • Ski clothes – trousers and jacket (labeled with the name of the child and parent contact details in case of emergency)
  • Warm shirt or thermal base layer (please provide a spare change of base layer and also spare pair of socks)
  • Ski Goggles, Gloves and Hat / Helmet
  • Helmets are advisable, but will need to be independently organized
  • Sun cream

A reasonably sized backpack to include a bottle for water, lunch and snack (such as sandwiches, biscuits, croissants, etc.) should be sent with each child. Please, label all possession including backpacks, to avoid lost items. All backpacks and personal possessions will be stored in rooms especially given to each school. Children will have the opportunity to buy warm lunch and snack, some additional items for lunch in the restaurant, so feel free to send pocket money with your child. “Aleko Chalet” will be the meeting point at the beginning and at the end of the day, acting as a base camp for lunch. 



  • Teachers on duty will help the children to change, unpack their lunch, go to toilet and try to accommodate any other needs they might have. The teachers ensure the safety of the children including application of sun screen. (Note that sun screen should be provided by the parents).
  • The children will be in groups of 6 to 10 with licensed English speaking ski instructors.
  • Full day medical service is provided from the Bulgarian Rescue Service.


Emergency Contact Numbers 

Kostadin Petkov – 0886 510 510


If you decide to enrol for the Ski Week 2019, please fill in the confirmation form in ENG or BG and send it to not later than 19.12.2018.


 Requirements and Recommendations 

What to bring? 

  • Snow trousers and ski jacket (both waterproof and breathable). Under the trousers not more than one pair tights or thermal underwear. The ski team will assure comfortable breaks indoors or somewhere sheltered (in transport, in cabin, outdoors which makes it easier to go to the WC); 
  • Two pair of gloves or mittens (waterproof) NOT KNITTED; 
  • A helmet or a winter hat which covers the ears (preferably helmet); 
  • Backpack with a sticker with the child’s name and parents contacts – address and phone number;
  • A pair of thick socks (preferably wool) and extra t-shirt (underwear for the little children). The children should wear ¾ thermo socks comfortable for skiing. Do not wear thick woolen sock or more than one pair of ordinary socks; 
  • Sunglasses or goggles with high UV protection, preferably mask type; 
  • Lip balm and sun protection cream, not hydrating /SPF + 15/; 
  • Snack, drink and a bottle with water; 
  • These items are not necessary and can be dangerous: scarves, ties, hanging accessories;
  • If their own equipment is used it should be marked and lined with children’s height and abilities. It is recommended that the length of the ski to be equal to the height to the child’s chin;
  • The children have to be clinically healthy, not to be in contact with contagiously sick people and their condition to allow staying outside;
  • Children may bring pocket money to buy water, food, tea under the strict observation of a teacher!


  • All students must come to school each day as normal. All students will travel to the slopes each morning at 08:30. Nursery 1 & 2 will return at 14:00 for the midday sleep and the others WILL RETURN TO SCHOOL at 16:30
  • The children must be fed before leaving because it is strictly forbidden to eat in the bus
  • All busses have license to transport children

Student absent 

  • Parents need to notify the school between 8:00 – 8:30 am each morning if their child will not attend the ski day. 

Ski Rules 

  • Students must stay / ski with their groups and their group leaders at all times. All skiers will follow the rules of the slope. Ski safely and always ski in control. 


 Frequently Asked Questions

In February all students will participate in the annual British School of Sofia SKI WEEK. Many members of our community are already starting to make plans for this event, so we just wanted to pass along some important information to help.

What is Ski Week and why are we doing it?

Ski Week is a school wide programme that brings together groups of children to learn a life-long skill, skiing or snowboarding. It is a way to take learning outside the school walls and promote the enjoyment of activity and healthy living. Skiing is also an important part of life in Bulgaria and allows the students to understand more about their home and host country. Ski week is an essential part of the British School of Sofia PE curriculum, and all students are encouraged to reflect on the development of their skills and attitudes toward the sport after the Ski Week.

When and where does Ski Week happen?

Ski week is 4-February, 2019 as per the published British School of Sofia Calendar. We will spend the week at “Aleko”, which will serve as a base for all students to gather in the morning, have lunch and to meet before heading home. Students should arrive as normal to school and will leave Vitosha around 15:00 in order to be collected at approximately 16:30.

 Do all students get 5 days to ski or snowboard?                     

All students will participate in all 5 days at Vitosha.

 Who can ski and who can snowboard?

All students can ski if they choose to, but only students from Grade 3 and higher have the choice to snowboard.

 How will my child be transported to and from the ski hill?

All students will travel by a licensed bus of the transportation company  to the slope each morning at 8:30.

The pupils from Nursery will return to school at 14:00 for the midday-sleep. The older students will return at 16:30.

Students who use the school transport will be collected and dropped off as usual.

What equipment will my child need?

All students, whether skiing/ snowboarding or participating in outdoor pursuits, will need to have warm ski jacket, snow trousers, hats, gloves and snow boots. Dressing in layers is a good idea to help retain body heat, so you might also want to provide thermals for your child.

Goggles and helmets are not mandatory but are desirable for all skiing and snowboarding students, it is also a good idea for children who will be sledding down hills at a fast pace.

 Your child can either bring personal ski/snowboard equipment or  "Vitosha ski" will provide equipment.

 Who will be instructing my child to ski/snowboard?

Whether your child is a beginner, intermediate or advanced, the certified and experienced instructors of "Vitosha ski" will be teaching your child to improve their skills. All instructors speak English and will be able to communicate to your child so that they will know what to do to improve.

 All students will travel by bus to the slope each morning at 8:30. The pupils from Nursery 1 and 2 will return to school at 14:00 for the midday-sleep. The older students will return at 16:30.

Students who use the school transport will be collected and dropped off as usual.

 Who will supervise my children while they are skiing?

Teachers of the British School of Sofia will be accompanying students to the slopes. Despite not every teacher is able to ski or snowboard, they will be assigned to help students in various ways. Your child will never be left unattended and we have ski / snowboard instructors from "Vitosha ski" help students. Students will be in groups of 6-10 to maximize skill development.