International Weeks in BSS and the Kindergarten

We are excited to announce the beginning of the  International Weeks in BSS Kindergarten and the School.

This is an event that aims to display the incredible bouquet of international cultures we have in our FAMILY.

All the parents could join us by preparing a short presentation about their country and come and present it with their children.

If they would like, they can come dressed in their national costume and bring specific food from their country.

Here is the schedule for the upcoming weeks:

27th - 31st November - USA

4th - 8th December  - France 

11th - 15th December - Israel

18th - 21st - Scandinavian countries

8th-12th January - South Africa

15th - 19th January - Romania

29th-2ed January - South Korea

12th - 16th February - Russia 

19th - 23ed February - China

5th-9th March - Azerbaijan  

Join us to celebrate internationally!

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