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Thinking Week 2018

June 11-15th, 2018

British School Of Sofia

Here at BSS we believe thinking matters. In order to succeed in a future full of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, we believe we will increasingly have to think in ways unique to humans. That is why we created #BSSKEYSTOSUCCESS - 10 intelligent behaviours which promote the characteristics of effective, resilient, independent learners e.g. persistence, and responsible risk taking. "BSS Keys are not just "kid stuff” - it’s a lifelong journey", said the thinking Drive Team Leader - Sofiya Pimpilova.  In this context,  within the Thinkig Week, she and a group of teachers from the BSS took part in the International Thinking Skills Conference 2018 in Wroughton, Swindon, organising a workshop on the topic: Building a Thought-Full Environment. 

At the same time a range of strategies has already been introduced to help our students become more independent thinkers and learners and a systematic and structured approach has been developing intelligent learning behaviours within the school culture. This is easily seen in all classrooms, which are adorned with large ‘thinking trees’ as visual metaphorical images which pupils are able to climb mentally.

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