The British School of Sofia`s entertainment program on SATURDAYS


Weekend Activities 2017/2018

The school year has started. Your children spend amazing hours among their friends the whole week. To increase the happy moments of communication between the children, the British School of Sofia organises education – entertainment program on SATURDAYS.

The courses are designed in modules and each stage encompasses one module. A module has 10 lessons each of which develops more complex skills than the previous one. The activities will continue in 2018 and these will be higher level. A beginners’ course can be arranged only if there is enough interest.

We believe our programs will contribute to all feeling excellent while taking part during the Saturdays.

 The program starts on 07.10.2017There are two  different schedules:

 ➡️ Foreigners - here are the details.

 ➡️ Bulgarians - here are the details.

For further details, please look at the school calendar.