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Lead Class Parent 

Thursday, 14th February

St. Valentine’s Day

In BSS, we work together as a community, parents, teachers and staff, to promote the health, well-being, and learning of all students. When we actively involve parents and engage community resources, we are able to respond more effectively to the needs of students. 

We believe that family and community involvements foster valuable partnerships. These partnerships result in sharing and maximising resources. They also help children develop healthy and intelligent behaviours and promote co-operation between families and the school.

The LCP (lead class parent) is a volunteer system in our school that welcomes parents to take an active role in the school life. One of these parents, who plays an integral part, is Mrs. Sylvia Koleva, grade 4 LCP. Since the beginning of the academic year, she has been contributing with her artistic, creative and innovative ideas. Thanks to her active involvement, the students from Grade 4 enjoy a beautifully decorated classroom door for St. Valentine’s Day.