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Saturday, 16th March

WePlay Club, Sofia

British School of Sofia announced the winners of 2019 “BSS Got a Talent”

The event took place last Saturday and followed the school tradition to put on the stage our gifted children. Students from many nationalities and different ages stepped on the podium to demonstrate vocal and artistic skills. They competed in three categories: Instrumental Performance, Best Singer and Greatest Stage Presence and all of them showcased energy and artistry in a wonderful way. 

The opening of the show started with the brilliant artistic dance of Iana Rakocevic - the winner of 2018 "BSS Got a Talent". She was followed by 46 other performers. Some played the guitar, piano or drums, others  - singing solo or in groups.

Apart from the music, "BSS Got a Talent" is a show that always brings surprises. This time the big surprise was the special guest Etien Levi (an Associate Professor, consultant of popular TV shows, musician, vocal pedagogue and producer). He was a member of the excellent jury, along with two very popular teachers Ms Borislava Petrova from KS1 and Ms Katya Nikolova from KS2 - both artists in soul and heart. He gave his professional vote and highlighted the best artists. 

After a lively discussion - the final decision of three was for Noah Simms (Grade 5), who was awarded first in the first category - Best Instrumental Performance. Ywia Liu  (Grade 2) was chosen as The Best Singer and The Greatest on the Stage was awarded to the BSS vocal group. 

At the end, all the winners were enthusiastically applauded by the audience, but its vote went to Spiros & Co (Grade 2) for their vivid RAP performance that put many smiles on faces.