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Friday, 15th February

BSS/Infant School

Presentation skills are important for students of all ages. They are also a demand for this in the world of work, regardless of the career young people choose. 

At school, presentations are a good way to have students practise their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. This is why at the end of each topic, our students (Infant school) perform project presentations to showcase their conceptual understanding as well as the real-life connections.

Normally, the presentations focus on a particular topic, representing the theoretical and practical understanding of a specific subject of study. This month the topics were: ‘It`s Shocking’, “What`s it made of ?” and “Media Magic”, and the children displayed their communication ideas in convincing ways. Our students engaged the attention of their parents and in return got recognition and enjoyment that comes from doing a great job. 

Well done to everyone!