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Field trip: Zoo

Tuesday, 15th January 2019

Field trips are a regular feature of many schools. The curriculum of British School of Sofia includes field trips, which aim to expose children to new things or to help them see familiar things in new ways. The field trip could be just a walk around the school or a bus trip to a distant place. 

It is a given that most children like to visit a zoo. The advantage of British School of Sofia is its location. We are located close to the oldest and largest zoo in the Balkans and as a result, the infants take tours to the zoo regularly. 

On 15th of January, BSS kindergarteners/Reception class went there to meet the animals and enrich their knowledge about the ways the animals live, eat and behave. This trip was an amazing opportunity and valuable for the children. It helped them understand the importance of taking care of the environment and the welfare of animals. It was worth it just to pause for a moment and to listen to the sounds of the animals. Their voices held information that revealed many of the answers the children were looking for. 

Furthermore, this trip enhanced the language development of the young students and encouraged their environmental awareness. Many new field trips are ahead of them in the future.