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November 28th-30th 


The House Competition is something found in many British Schools. It encourages teamwork and healthy competition amongst students. The idea of this competition is to divide pupils into groups and thus create smaller communities within the large one.

At BSS we have 4 houses DRAGON, KRAKEN, PHOENIX, CENTAUR and each student is a member of one of them. We organise competitions at the end of each quarter and students from the 4 houses compete in different categories within their stage. They collect points and at the end of each quarter the winning house is rewarded.

This quarter the 4 houses DRAGON, KRAKEN, PHOENIX and CENTAUR competed in Sports challenges, Music challenges and General Knowledge or Debating and Academic challenges. It has been wonderful to see how pupils of different ages came together in their desire to win the House Cup. 

 We hope that activities such as these help to create open-minded and helpful citizens of the future, who are learning today for the world of tomorrow.

 BSS motto: “Learning Today for the World of Tomorrow”

1st Quarter Winners:

  • KS1 - KRAKEN
  • KS2 - DRAGON
  • KS3 & KS4 - CENTAUR