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Friday, 26th of October


Since ancient time Halloween is celebrated and known as a festival, where people wear costumes to chase the ghosts. Nowadays it is one of the most commemorated holiday honoured on 31st of October. It is a day that generates different ethnic versions. In Bulgaria it grows more and more popular every year. Along with the popularity its controversy is getting higher as well. The discussion originates from the idea that there is nothing Christian in this holiday. Another argument against it is the Day of the Bulgarian Enlighteners honoured on November 1st. In fact the whole problem relates to the popularity of Halloween that replaces the Day of the Enlighteners and put it behind the public eyes. All that raises many debates and public disputes. The truth could be searched in the middle of the discourse as the global world and the international community, that we all consist of, allows us to celebrate internationally. That is what we did at BSS on October 26th - a great Halloween Parade with music, fun, pumpkins and costumes to chase the ghosts and to encourage the school spirit of our international students. 

#IB World Schools Celebrate Internationally.