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BSS Ski-Week

4-8 February 2019

Vitosha Mountain & Bansko

No matter what level skier you are, a ski week on Vitosha Mountain or Bansko can challenge your personal boundaries. Every year, British School Of Sofia organises a ski-week for its students. Generally the ski-week takes place in February and it gives the students an opportunity to build confidence in skiing as well as a chance to explore the mountain. Students have the opportunity to try mountain sports, skiing and snowboarding. 

This year our skiers were supported by trained instructors and as usual they enjoyed their lessons on fine-tuning their ski technique. Apart from the skiing routine, it was a week full of enjoyable moments and new memories, sights, sounds and even emotions; not only about what was happening on the slopes, but also what was happening around the children. It was a time for enjoying the white and snowy surroundings. It also gave the children a way to come together and support each other, as well as to enjoy the wonders of magnificent natural Bulgarian. This was the opportunity to enjoy some winter sports as a change from regular classroom activity.

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