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Coffee Morning

Tuesday, 15th January 2019

Each term BSS holds a coffee morning, hosted by the counsellor of the school. At BSS we know that it is a good way to get the parents together for some coffee and discussion, as well as an opportunity for us to get to know our parents better. Usually the event takes place in the school and is an avenue to discuss children's learning, some ways to assist parents at home and academic achievements of the students. Apart from the general discussions, each of the coffee mornings has a topic of discussion. 

This term the topic was ‘Effective concentration’ or how to keep up the students’ focus on the school tasks, looking at how to face the challenges which hinder their focus capacity. Following the theme of the discussion, many questions were raised and a variety of opinions exchanged. One of the highlights was the effect of technological devices that disrupt the attention of our children in the classroom. 

After an open dialogue on the topic, the morning ended up with all in agreement on the subject and that communication between school and home could help with any concerns we might have.