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Skiing with BSS. Confirmation and payment not later than 19.12.2018.
Field trips are a regular feature of many schools. The curriculum of British School of Sofia includes field trips, which aim to expose children to new things or to help them see familiar things in new ways.
At BSS we know that it is a good way to get the parents together for some coffee and discussion, as well as an opportunity for us to get to know our parents better.
Three times per week, a group of volunteers from the school visit the Catholic Church “Pope John Paul II” and assist with serving food to people in need. The initiative will continue until April 2019.
We as a school took part in an important charity event.
Being full of Christmas spirit, the BSS students visited the German Christmas Market in Sofia.
It was certainly wonderful seeing our students performing and filling us with even more of the Christmas spirit.
During the charity week at BSS, our students from 12th and 4th grade, together with chef Ivan Manchev, prepared delicious sandwiches.
On the 12th of December the BSS football team participated in a friendly competition with the team of St. George School in Sofia.
Children from Cedar Foundation and students from BSS teamed up to prepare Christmas Arts & Crafts.
The Basketball team from British School of Sofia and St. George school met for a friendly basketball contest.
Parent-Teacher Meeting is an opportunity for an open talk between parents and teachers about pupils.
BSS fosters a community, where ideas and practices are shared publicly.
11 students achieved more than 150 points and will receive individual gold medals.
The idea of this competition is to divide pupils into groups and thus create smaller communities within the large one.
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