French Projects

08 May 2020
French teacher Amal Dadoun has made online French projects with her students on several topics.

These topics are in a shop, out of car and the current topic the coronavirus. In the videos students are acting, creating poetry and singing. In these videos our students explain the current situation with the online learning and the necessity to stay home or how to protect ourselves.

Some of the projects are part of the French ab Initio programme in Grade 11. Other projects are done by our Grade 10 and Grade 8 students. Our 11th Graders express themselves in French and talk about their quarantine. They share with us what they make and how to protect ourselves more efficiently.

In this particular video Fady from Grade 10 has made efforts to demonstrate how to protect ourselves from viruses.

Other videos demonstrate common situations such as travelling and visit to the airport.


All videos could be found on our VIMEO channel.



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