Attending the Festival of Metacognition: Thinking School Tour

18 Jun 2024

Our team from the British School of Sofia is attending the prestigious Festival of Metacognition - Thinking School Tour. Our educators are already profoundly engaged with the Thinking Schools Approach. This methodology aligns perfectly with our mission to nurture students' awareness of their thinking processes. By doing so, we empower them to become independent learners.

Our teachers consistently employ metacognitive strategies designed to enhance critical thinking and self-regulation. These strategies not only improve academic performance but also ensure that every learner has the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Thinking Schools Approach is a testament to our dedication to providing an education beyond traditional teaching methods.

The Festival of Metacognition offers a unique opportunity for our educators to refine their practices further. By participating in this tour, we aim to gain new insights and innovative techniques that can be implemented within our school. 

As we attend this event, we look forward to seeing these advanced approaches in action. Our participation underscores our commitment to remaining at the forefront of educational innovation. We are eager to bring back new knowledge and strategies to enhance our teaching practices and continue providing our students with the best possible learning experiences.

Our involvement in the Festival of Metacognition - Thinking School Tour is an exciting development for the British School of Sofia. It is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to innovative education.

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