What our parents say

26 Jul 2022

Wang Yu, or Yoshua as everybody calls him, is one of the BSS Alumni, graduated this year the IB DP. We are extremely proud of his results and the overall development within his journey at BSS, but most importantly we are pleased to have received such a warm feedback from his parents:

"I am Yoshua (Yu Wang)’s father. I am so pleased that my son spent around four years and graduated successfully in BSS. I could still remember that he could barely speak any English when he just came to BSS. Now his mum and I have seen great progress in him in these four years. During these four years, you have given him significant support and warmly solicitude as well as many teachers from BSS, which we appreciate greatly. We will never forget all the pleasing experiences Yoshua had at BSS.
Yoshua got 37 with three higher level subjects of 665. To be honest, this is quite over my expectation. I would thank everyone who has helped him in BSS. And his score is fairly close to the condition of the University of Manchester. The condition it requires is 36 with three higher level subjects of 666.
The University of Manchester is a prestigious one all around the world, as well as Yoshua’s favourite university in the UK. Since he aimed at the universities in the UK, it has always been his first option. I saw he was extremely excited and satisfied when he received the offer from the University of Manchester. We have also seen some outstanding alumni from BSS studying at the University of Manchester. I really hope he can find happiness and reach great academic achievements at the University of Manchester. I highly appreciate your help to the most expected result for both Yoshua and me.
Yours sincerely,
Wang Xuekun"
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