Exploring the Cosmos and Sciences: Grade 2’s Stellar PYP Summative Assessment at BSS

05 Feb 2024

The British School of Sofia's Grade 2 students recently captivated their audience with an innovative Primary Years Programme (PYP) Summative Assessment, focusing predominantly on science. Two standout presentations highlighted the event: a moon landing booth and a hands-on science experiment.

The ingeniously designed science experiment to explore material properties engaged students and parents in a hands-on learning experience. Participants discovered how tin foil and paper interact differently with water through a creative experiment involving sugar cubes and a blue colour solution. This simple yet profound demonstration underscored the importance of scientific inquiry and experimentation.

Meanwhile, the moon landing booth transported visitors to a realm of mystical wonder. Transformed into a cosy fort adorned with stars and lights, this imaginative space provided an immersive experience of the historic moon landing. Through video clips and narrations, the students eloquently conveyed the significance of this monumental achievement for humanity.

This PYP Summative Assessment was more than just a presentation; it celebrated curiosity, creativity, and the joy of discovery. Grade 2 students at BSS have shown that even the youngest learners can grasp complex concepts and present them in engaging and innovative ways.

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