Cedar Foundation Appreciation Day

22 May 2023

The Cedar Foundation organized an event called Appreciation Day, where partners and donors were invited to participate. The purpose of the event was to gather friends and supporters who contribute to improving the lives of disadvantaged children, a cause championed by the Foundation.

Among the invited guests were representatives from the British School in Sofia, who have partnered with the Foundation. During the event, Boryana Becker, on behalf of the school, received a certificate of appreciation. The certificate featured a drawing created by one of the children from the Centre for family-type accommodation "Siyanie" in Sofia.

All Cedar donors received such certificates as a thank you for their support and partnership.

The Cedar Foundation, established in 2005, is a Bulgarian NGO dedicated to effecting positive change in government policies and public attitudes towards the disadvantaged.

Currently, there are several campaigns that can be supported, including Teambuilding with a Cause, Run for the Children, and an upcoming Summer Charity Quiz.

To learn more about these campaigns and how you can contribute, click here

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