Our deepest condolences

09 Sep 2022
We would like to express our very great sadness at the death of Her Majesty the Queen, and pay tribute to her extraordinary service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Let us remember the poem dedicated to her Platinum Jubilee written by our students Leia Sansom and Alexander Hansen:

Here comes the queen
The one we beg to see
The one we all praise
For her our hands raise!
Queen Elizabeth shall rule over all!
Although she may be small
With the height of 160 cm tall
Her opponents shall fall!
Today is the day
We celebrate her 70 year jubilee
For she rules our country which is free!
I know you or me may not be as fancy as she
But all we can do is raise a cup or two of tea!
She has ruled for so long
The years are sixty-seven plus three
For her Platinum Jubilee!
Today we sing the song
‘God Save the Queen!’
Respect she has earned,
Lessons she has learned
She sits on her throne,
All day alone,
But secretly we pray
For Queen Elizabeth to stay.
Due to us she made her way
Up until today
From 1953
To 2022.
We support her too
As most people do.
I’ve heard that she’s one queen that’s merry
Sweet like cherry!
Her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
And she rules over many
God save the Queen
The only one who is never mean
She is always helpful and kind
And has a genius mind!
She is happy, let her be
God save the queen!


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