The Importance of Houses Competitions

07 Dec 2020
As a British School we, at BSS developed the House system. Dividing pupils in groups – the so-called Houses, is a tradition in British schools. Usually pupils choose (or are chosen) their House when they start school and belong to the same House for as long as they stay in the school.

And why is this competition between students so important for the school culture and for the community?

  • Houses Competitions unite students of different age;
  • Pupils feel a part of a smaller community within the bigger one;
  • The House system connects pupils of different age
  • The healthy competition encourages loyalty and mutual support
  • Students pursue a goal and collaborate with teammates;
  • Pupils are also encouraged to compete in the fields they are good at.

In BSS we have chosen mythical creatures for the names of the four Houses – Kraken, Dragon, Centaur and Phoenix. Kraken is the largest creature in the ocean, he is so large as is our little Krakens’ willing to win; in some Eastern cultures Dragon represents strength – and our Dragons are so strong, they can cope with every task; Centaur possesses extraordinary strength – and so do our little Dragons, who are devoted to every single mission; and last but not least – Phoenix, the mythical creature that symbolizes renewal, and is the symbol of our fourth House – it also encourages little Phoenixes to be determined and never give up.

Community and Collaboration

It is incredible to see how children of different age and with different interests unite to collaborate in the name of the victory – the overall win and the Cup of Houses. And especially how they support each other and encourage every student’s performance in the competition. And it is also so thrilling to see how everyone is giving their best to contribute to the

Team spirit

Students feel involved in the collaborative effort and the success of a one is a success for all. Even if players do not contribute equally to the overall success the final result is what counts. And the most important is that they are a team – stronger together, more confident together and willing to win and demonstrate the best qualities they have.

This year Houses Competitions in the main school building are thematically arranged. Every month different competitions take place – Sports, Golden Compass, STEM. House ladies or lords gather their competitors and they decide whop is competing in what. And the others support their teammates.

Pursuing a Goal

Building confidence and belief in their own abilities and qualities is our major goal. We strive to encourage pupils’ talents and to create an atmosphere that unleashes their potential. The idea corresponds with some of the skills we are trying to instil in our students – communication, leadership, teamwork, critical and creative thinking,

Demonstrate Talents

Every student of every age is encouraged to demonstrate their talents and to take part in a thematic competition according to their personal interests and talents. For example, this year the Houses Competition at the main school building of BSS is topic-based. There are Sports and STEM competitions.

The Cup of Houses

The overall winner from the Houses Competitions through the year competes for the Cup of Houses. And the final award is a visit to an amusement park. And all children pot hard work and effort into their participation in order to win the Cup.

A video from our STEM Houses Competition in November:

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