IMYC Exit Point Grade 7 - Structure

27 Oct 2020
Students from Grade 7 had their IMYC Exit Points presentations - the unit was "Structure".

Students reflected on the Big Idea: What is a structure? – The arrangements of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.

Our students presented their projects, some of them with models of the structure their presenting. They revealed information on complex structures such as the DNA, the Ocean, Ancient Pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, Electricity, an Egg and a Flower, etc.

Each IMYC unit has a theme that is considered across different subjects and the Big Idea behind these subjects helps students to achieve connection between them.

In History students found out and compared societies and cultures and considered how and why these societies changed and developed. They identified differences between societies that are highly structured.

In Geography students considered how geographical factors determine or influence the development of settlement in particular locations.

In English students explored how poetry is organised by various poetic devices, themes and descriptive language. They looked at the underpinning structures of poems such as ballads, couplets, haiku.

In PSHE students considered how various feelings and emotions affect the way we act.

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