Mental Maths at British School of Sofia

29 Sep 2020
Starting from this school year we, at BSS implemented Mental Maths in the curriculum. Why is this innovative method of teaching Maths so important and why we have decided to start teaching it?

MENTAL ARITHMETIC IS A TESTED WAY of developing a child’s academic abilities and creative thinking in a balanced way, allowing them to reach their full intellectual potential.

First of all Mental Maths is a way of developing your child’s full potential. And this is one of our core values as a school. It is a method over 2500 years old that will lead to better results at school, self-confidence and independence of your child and will create the foundations for full realization of children’s potential in their future career or business.

We should underline the fact that the brain works best when we use both sides in earning and activities. Mental Maths is a technique that is doing exactly the same - it involves both sides of the brain.

The left side of our brain is the logical and, detail-oriented, while the right one focuses on the visuals. The left side is the logical one and the right is driven by feelings and imagination.

And here comes the Mental Maths that is an original and complete brain building method. It develops both sides of the brain and helps your child demonstrate both intellectual and creative skills. 

The intellectual skills include quick calculations, a powerful visual and auditory memory and concentration.

The creative skills, meanwhile, include resourcefulness, a sixth sense, and innovative problem-solving techniques.

The tool that underpins the lessons is the abacus, known as the “suanpan” in China, and the “soroban” in Japan. 

Your child will use both hands when learning the system and employ both sides of their brain. At first, children use an abacus, then special cards, and then something magical happens: they can do the calculations in their head, imagining the abacus in front of them. After Mental Maths training children will be able to do all operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, with any numbers.

Children will also develop photographic memory. And after the training they can easily solve problems with bigger numbers – first they will visualise the abacus and then do the mathematical calculations. And not to mention the development of a powerful visual and auditory memory; a vivid imagination; strong focus and concentration; confidence in one’s abilities.

Before the start of the school year our Primary 1 and Primary 2 teachers underwent a training on Mental Maths and now are ready to use this methodology in class.

At BSS, we believe that by guiding and inspiring children, they can unlock their talents to become the skilled, self-driven and adaptable minds of tomorrow. Our students are provided with every opportunity to develop their personal and social skills, so they are prepared to take their place in the society as educated, thoughtful and responsible citizens.

And this is how we do it – by implementing the most innovative teaching methods and creating an educational environment that reveals children’s skills and qualities.

*Sourses: Abakus Europe - Mental Arithmetic Center

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