BSS International festival

10 Jun 2023

You are welcome to join to BSS International Festival of Nations at the British School of Sofia on the 10th of June, 2023.

Here are more details about the event itself:

At 11 am the festival will commence with a Parade of Nations - our students, dressed in traditional costumes will march through the school grounds with the flags of the countries they represent.

On the stage in the courtyard of BSS WonderWorld the festive program begins with the participation of our students and special guests. You will enjoy songs and dances from far and near, beautiful costumes and inspiring performances in different languages.

The tents of the International Festival participants will be set up next to the stage. Our parents and friends from embassies in Sofia will be preparing delicious, typical dishes, demonstrating crafts, and showcasing souvenirs that are representative of their countries.

Get ready for a multitude of surprises as we embark on an incredible journey around the world, exploring captivating destinations such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Iraq, India, Syria, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, and more.

We have chosen a special charitable cause to dedicate the event to. The money we will raise during the festival will be donated to the Sofia Zoo and the antelope Addax - an animal that the British School of Sofia will adopt for 1 year. There are three antelopes in the Zoo and they are critically endangered species!

Together, let's embark on a delightful Saturday filled with shared joy, positive experiences, meaningful connections, and an appreciation for the beauty of life!

One of the most invaluable aspects of customs and traditions lies in their ability to foster unity and create a sense of belonging within our community! 

Looking forward to meeting you!





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