Teaching Staff

Georgios Velonis

Primary School Teacher

Throughout his career, Georgios has worked in a variety of schools, including the Anglo-American School of Sofia, Britanica, and the American English Academy. In these roles, he has demonstrated a passion for teaching and a commitment to helping students reach their full potential.

Georgios has also completed additional courses to further enhance his skills and knowledge as an educator. He has obtained an FCE certificate (B2) to demonstrate his proficiency in English, as well as a Certified Mediator certificate from the BAM. He has also completed a certificate program from Jolly Phonics, a popular phonics teaching method that emphasizes the importance of phonics skills in early literacy development.

One of Georgios' greatest strengths is his ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages. He is fluent in Greek, English, and Bulgarian, which allows him to connect with students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. This language proficiency has been an asset in his teaching career, enabling him to build strong relationships with students, parents, and colleagues alike.

Overall, Georgios Nikolaos Velonis is an accomplished and dedicated teacher who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any educational setting. 

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