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BSS College

BSS College Academic

High School – students from 14 to 18 years old

The curriculum in the high school includes delivering a various number of cultural and academic disciplines such as English, Bulgarian, Foreign Languages, Information and Communication Technologies, Social Studies, Citizenship, Science, Economics, Art & Design, Physical Development. We put focus on learning a Modern Foreign Language and we aim our students to mark a significant progress on it. Students develop different learning techniques, reasearch approaches, reporting and presenting. Learning and improvement in untraditional subjects is also an important part of the curriculum. Students are involved in individual and team projects during the planning and researching activities. Sports and Arts play an important part of students’ program. Students sit on IGCSE exams at the end of Grade 10 and IB Diplomma Programme at the end of Grade 12. For the successful preparation students are involved in many practical activities such as laboratory Science experiments, speaking and presentation exercises, working on projects, art exhibitions, etc.

Learning Process

Years 10 and 11 constitute of a two-year cycle during which students prepare for the GCSE examinations (General Certificate of Secondary Education). Many students in international schools take minimum 5 IGCSEs (International GCSEs), rather than the standard British GCSEs. These are fully recognised and equal to the standard GCSEs.

With following successful results in (I)GCSE examinations, students wishing to continue their education in university or other institutions of higher education, will take International Baccalaureate (IB) Diplomma Programme.

  • English is the main language for communication
  • Preparation for external examinations
  • Developing skills for learning, understanding, presenting
  • Information and Communication Technologies education

Core Subjects

  • English Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Design and Technology - Robotics and Computer Programming
  • History
  • Economics
  • Modern Foreign Language - Spanish, French or German
  • Physical Development
  • Art & Design

Bulgarian Language

  • Bulgarian Language and Literature for children
  • Bulgarian Cultural Studies

Additional Subjects

  • Theatre
  • Dances
  • Self-defence

Extracurricular activities

  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Track and field
  • Gymnastics
  • Painting
  • Design and Computer Programming
  • Photography
  • Piano
  • Ballet
  • Mtv Dances
  • Ski Week and many more

Exams Results


BSS College Facilities

British School of Sofia's facilities secure the smooth and enjoyable learning process. Our school is equipped and furnished to high standard. Students enjoy their day here.

Multifunctional sports field
Here students play football, volleyball, basketball and tennis.

School Dining Room
The school dining room is cheerfully decorated. While having their lunch, the children enjoy, discuss and criticise their peer’s exhibition of paintings on the wall.

Science Lab
The school has a brand new science lab. As true scientists, pupils can venture in the world of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Science classes are exciting and memorable indeed.

Computer Lab
The school has an excellent Computer Laboratory equipped with the most advanced and developed machines.

High-Tech TV
Every classroom is equipped with TV. This engages the students, focuses their attention and keeps curious minds interested in the lesson. The software used, helps the teachers bring lessons to life and to grab students' attention.

Art Room
We are very fortunate to have a separate art room, where the students have the opportunity to develop and extend their creativity and their potential.

This is the school gymnasium. When the weather does not allow training outside, the PE classes are held here.

Dancing Stage
Here, students learn to dance, rehearse and enjoy their dance and vocal classes.

BSS College Admissions and Fees

BSS is an International School and we accept students from every nationality and religion. We accept very strong candidates in College with excellent command of English and significant knowledge of Mathematics and Science. Due to the high demand, the admission's process is selective. During the application process the following is considered:

  • date of birth
  • maturity of the applicant
  • successful completion of entry exams in English, Mathematics and Science
  • academic performance for the past two years
  • attendance and behaviour for the past two years

Due to the high demand the enrollment is limited.

  • Grade 9 (Key Stage 4, GCSE) - children from 14.5 - 15 years of age
  • Grade 10 (Key Stage 4, GCSE) - children from 15.5 - 16 years of age
  • Grade 11 (IB Diploma Programme) - children from 16.5 - 17 years of age
  • Grade 12 (IB Diploma Programme) - children from 17.5 - 18 years of age



IGCSE Grade 9 & 10 € 1 000 3 x € 3 530 2 x € 5 030 € 9 540
IGCSE Grade 10 (Re-enrolling)   3 x € 3 200 2 x € 4 530 € 8 600
IB Diplomma
Programme Year 1 & 2
€ 1 000 3 x € 3 770 2 x € 5 370 € 10 200
IB Diplomma
Programme Year 2  (Re-enrolling)
  3 x € 3 630 2 x € 5 300 € 9 900

To apply you need to:

  • Fill in the online application form, which you may find here.
  • After a consideration of the application, the Аddmissions officer will contact you to invite you to an individual interview in a day and time convenient to both sides.

Once parents receive notification of acceptance of their child, they need to pay the enrollement fee and submit the necessary documents for registration.

  1. Filled Confirmation for Enrollment
  2. Copy of child’s Birth Certificate and / or Passport
  3. Copies of parents’ Passports
  4. School Academic and Attendance Reports for the last two years (where applicable). These should be translated in English or Bulgarian
  5. Pass on English, Mathematics and Science Entry Exams (Grades 9 -12), interviews with the School Counsellor and Head of Academics

* Exams can be arranged individually with agreed day and time

Medical documents needed for enrolment in School (6 – 18 years old) at BSS

  1. Health prophylactic card child completed by GP (General Practitioner)
  2. Data from GP for immunization status of the child, in accordance with Regulation N15 2005 immunizations in Bulgaria. (OG. 45th 2005)
  3. Medical note from your GP about the lack of contact with infected patients
  4. Information about the GP.

BSS College Day

Our school day accomodates all the core, additional and the extracurricular activities which helps us to revel and develop the potential of every child. Here are some of the activities:

Computer Education
The computer training complies with the age of the students. Students are gradually introduced to the world of the computers.

The dance creates the sense of rhythm and melody, provides coordinated movements, creates love for the beauty, grace, aesthetic values, strive for perfection.

Art and Craft
These classes expand children's knowledge of textiles, cardboard, paper, clay, from which children create various beautiful things.

Lego / Robotics
In these classes the students get most out of BSS innovative resources. The mission is to use the motivational effects of robotics to excite students.

Music Culture
We aim to educate a music culture in our students - love to the beautiful classical music. We introduce the most popular styles, authors and artists of all times.

Physical Development
These classes build motor skills in children, improve their overall physical ability and create a positive attitude to sport.

BSS College Teaching staff

College Meal

Menu - November
Thursday (1.11)
  • School not in session
Friday (2.11)
  • School not in session
Monday (5.11)
  • Veal soup with vegetables
  • Tartar meatballs with potatoes Johan Strauss
  • Breaded yellow cheese with fresh salad and milk sauce
  • Fruits
Tuesday (6.11)
  • Mushroom soup with wild rice and celery
  • Chicken Schnitzel with Tomato and Cucumber Garnish
  • Potato stew with peas and beans
  • Fruits
Wednesday (7.11)
  • Goulash with minced veal meat
  • Pasta Matricana with smoked bacon, tomato sauce and Parmesan
  • Cheese baked with eggplant and tomatoes and served on a bed of okra
  • Fruits
Thursday (8.11)
  • Chicken soup with roast chicken and curry
  • Pork kebab with herb rice
  • Seasoned vegetable with groats served with fresh spices oven baked
  • Fruits
Friday (9.11)
  • Cream soup of cauliflower with herb croutons
  • Moorish fillet with vegetable soufflé and lemon sauce
  • Potato gratin, baked with sheep's cheese and served with milk sauce
  • Fruits
Monday (12.11)
  • Pork borsch soup
  • Veal fillet with sautéed peppers and eggplant
  • Vegetable stew, served with homemade cream
  • Fruits
Tuesday (13.11)
  • Fish soup with fresh hogweed
  • Pork steak with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce
  • Vegetable schnitzel topped with cabbage, carrots and beets
  • Fruits
Wednesday (14.11)
  • Creamy pumpkin soup with roasted seeds
  • Chicken carriage served with spinach rice and Teakyaki sauce
  • Eggplant lasagna baked with cheese and served with tomato sauce
  • Fruits
Thursday (15.11)
  • Chicken soup
  • Lardedb pork served with carrot sausage and Marsala sauce
  • Cheese pie baked with tomatoes and egg mixture
  • Fruits
Friday (16.11)
  • Veal soup boiled with grilled vegetables
  • Trout with potato salad
  • Rice ovenbaked with spinach and mushroom rice served with vegetable puree
  • Fruits
Monday (19.11)
  • Monestery style lentils soup
  • Pork with fresh cabbage oven baked
  • Stuffed peppers with mushrooms, leeks and rice served with Bessamel sauce
  • Fruits
Tuesday (20.11)
  • Turkey soup with vermicelli and vegetables
  • Chicken leg steak with mixed vegetables
  • Stuffed peppers with mushrooms, leeks and rice served with Bessamel sauce
  • Fruits
Wednesday (21.11)
  • Soup of salmon and grilled vegetables
  • Pork Cordon Bleu(necked) stuffed with ham and smoked mozzarella garnished with courgette, carrot and fresh herbs
  • Vegetable souffle served with milk sauce
  • Fruits
Thursday (22.11)
  • Minestrone with beef broth
  • Chicken skewer garnished with rice with vegetables and barbecue sauce
  • An English sausage served with baked smoked mozzarella
  • Fruits
Friday (23.11)
  • Cream soup of vegetables with chicken croutons
  • Fillet of sea bass on a barbecue served with fresh salad
  • Potato stew with wild mushrooms served with a ball
  • Fruits
Monday (26.11)
  • Beans soup
  • Chicken Boeff Stroganov with mashed potatoes
  • Stuffed aubergine with vegetables baked with cheddar and served with tomato sauce
  • Fruits
Tuesday (27.11)
  • Vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots and parsnips
  • Pasta with bacon, mushrooms and cream
  • Vegetable moussaka served with yoghurt
  • Fruits
Wednesday (28.11)
  • Spinach soup with black rice and pork
  • Pickled Hockey Fish with sautéed zucchini and carrot
  • Breaded yellow cheese with garnish
  • Fruits
Thursday (29.11)
  • Lentils soup
  • Chicken steak garnished
  • Shepherd's sheepskin with buffalo cheese baked with egg
  • Fruits
Friday (30.11)
  • Duck meat soup
  • Pork steak garnished
  • Lasagna with four cheeses
  • Fruits