Teaching Staff

Hans-Peter Berger

German Language Teacher

Hans-Peter graduated in Teaching Studies in the subjects of History and Philosophy at the University in Dresden, Germany. Post-graduation, he chose to spend a year abroad, expanding his horizons and discovering more about the world. During this time, he resided in Armenia where he actively participated in various projects with children. His involvement included organizing youth-oriented activities or providing homework assistance.

Later, he relocated to Amsterdam, where teaching German became a cherished voluntary endeavor for him. Over a span of seven years, he dedicated his time to teaching German to children. 

Bulgaria has been his home for nine months. Motivated by his love for his native language and culture, he found himself at the BSS, where he imparts German language skills to children and young adults. 

During his leisure time, he indulges in movies, music, and reading, with a particular focus on philosophy.

For him, teaching goes beyond the mere transmission of knowledge; it involves guiding and accompanying children on their journey to become adults.

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