Teaching Staff

Boriana Bekker

SMSC Lead/ TOK, CAS & German Teacher

Boriana brings a wealth of knowledge and a profound commitment to her role as the Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural Lead at the British School of Sofia (BSS). Her educational journey reflects her dedication to the field of philosophy and ethics.

She began her academic pursuit at the University of Sofia. Afterwards, she expanded her horizons by studying for her bachelor's degree in philosophy in Cologne, Germany. Boriana's thirst for knowledge led her to the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, where she delved deeper into the realm of Practical Philosophy. Her master's degree in Practical Philosophy focused on the critical role of ethical boundaries in applied arts, showcasing her ability to connect philosophy with real-world applications.

Boriana's commitment to educational excellence continued. She pursued a master's degree in Teaching Philosophy in Secondary Schools and Colleges, once again at the University of Utrecht, highlighting her dedication to equipping the next generation with the tools for critical thinking and ethical decision-making. She obtained the prestigious Cambridge Diploma Teaching Qualification in 2023.

As an in-house Thinking-Based Learning teacher, coach, and trainer, Boriana has consistently promoted the development of critical thinking skills among students. Her Concept-Based educator and trainer expertise highlights her commitment to fostering a deep understanding of complex concepts.

As the Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural Lead at BSS, Boriana plays a pivotal role in shaping the ethical and moral compass of the school community. Her multifaceted background in philosophy and education equips her with the knowledge and skills needed to nurture the values and character of students.
Boriana's impressive academic journey and dedication to ethical education make her an invaluable asset to the British School of Sofia. Her role as the Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Lead reflects her commitment to instilling strong moral values and fostering a sense of social and cultural awareness among students, contributing to the school's mission of holistic education.


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