Financial Terms 2024 - 2025

Financial Terms 2024 - 2025

BSS Kindergarten

Payment Type Enrollment Fee Annual Payment Two Payments Three Payments
Payment Deadlines 28.06.2024 28.06.2024
Nursery € 600 € 9 500 2 x € 5 000 3 x € 3 520
Reception € 600 € 10 200 2 x € 5 360 3 x € 3 780

School Meals

Payment Type Annual Payment Two Payments Three Payments
Payment Deadlines 28.06.2024 28.06.2024
Kindergarten 2750 BGN ~ 1400 EUR 1450 BGN ~ 740 EUR 1020 BGN ~ 520 EUR

Meals are paid in one, two or three instalments (no daily based rates are applied) under the same deadlines as the school fees.

Once a meal is requested and the meal is paid, no reimbursement of meal fees will be made.

The monthly menu of the respective stage you may find here.


Payment Type Annual Payment Two Payments Three Payments
Payment Deadlines 28.06.2024 28.06.2024
Zone 1
Two-way 3240 BGN ~ 1650 EUR 1700 BGN ~ 870 EUR 1200 BGN ~ 610 EUR
One-way 1960 BGN ~ 1000 EUR 1040 BGN ~ 530 EUR 730 BGN ~ 370 EUR
Zone 2
Two-way 4310 BGN ~ 2200 EUR 2270 BGN ~ 1155 EUR 1590 BGN ~ 810 EUR
One-way 2570 BGN ~ 1310 EUR 1350 BGN ~ 690 EUR 960 BGN ~ 490 EUR
Zone 3
Two-way 5390 BGN ~ 2750EUR 2830 BGN ~ 1445 EUR 1980 BGN ~ 1010 EUR
One-way 3080 BGN ~ 1570 EUR 1630 BGN ~ 830 EUR 1630 BGN ~ 830 EUR

The School offers home-school-home transportation service. The service covers Sofia-town area. No discounts are applied. The transportation fees are given in the table above.

More info about Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 you may find here.

School Fees

School fees are quoted in Euro for an academic year (10 months).The fees for the upcoming school year are published in February of the current one.

Enrollment Fee

The ENROLMENT FEE applies for new students only. It is a one-off payment; no discount and refund are applicable on the enrolment fee. It aims to confirm the student’s place at the school.

Full Year Enrolment

Enrolment of a student is for a full school year. The tuition is payable either on a whole year basis (annual fee) or in 2 or 3 instalments as per the table above.

The deadlines for payment depending on the option chosen are as stated below:

  • Full Year payment – 28 June 2024;
  • Two Termly payments – 28 June 2024 and 31 January 2025;
  • Three payments – 28 June 2024, 29 November 2024 and 28 February 2025;


No refund is payable if:

  • The School receives cancellation for a student less than seven (7) days before the school year / semester commencement date.
  • A student withdraws or cancels their enrolment any time after their academic year/semester commencement date.
  • The terms and conditions of the enrolment agreement entered into by the student and the School are breached, including any breach of a School policy.
  • The student’s enrolment is cancelled by the School, including cancellation caused by student misconduct or if the student is disenrolled for unsatisfactory academic progress.
  • In any of the above cases, the School may choose to grant a refund if there are exceptional circumstances.

Entry of a Student during the school year

Tuition fees for mid-year enrolment are pro-rata, based on the total number of school weeks remaining in the academic year (excluding holidays).

Failure to pay school fees

  • Failure to make payments within the set deadlines will result in the suspension of the student;
  • In case payment is delayed for more than 1 week the School may not be in a position to offer a place;
  • No documents, certificates or reports will be issued unless the outstanding amounts are paid;
  • Students will be permitted to attend the school only on receipt of application and payment tuition fees;

Discounts of tuition fees

Family discount is applied to a second, third and subsequent child enrolled at the British School of Sofia.

A discount of 5% applies for a second child and 10% for a third or subsequent child of one family.

Resources fee

The Resources fee is included in the tuition fee and covers access to electronic learning materials, and other education-related costs resulting from compulsory curriculums. 

Examination fees

External examinations stated below:

  • Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (Grade 6);
  • Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint (Grade 9);
  • IGCSE Year 2;
  • IB Diploma Programme Year 2;

are subject of an additional cost based on the rates of the respective examination board.

English proficiency

New students to the school will be assessed through a placement test and/or the Academic Board and Head of English. If the level of English is found not to be sufficient, students must be enrolled in an accelerated English course (Fast ForWord). This course costs 100 per month. The duration of the course will depend on how quickly the student achieves the required level of English to function successfully in classes.

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