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BSS Admission and Fees

What BSS Offers?

British Kindergarten: for children 2–5 years old;

British Primary School: for children 6–12 years old;

British Secondary School: for children 13–16 years old;

British College: for chidlren 16–18 years old;



Have you ever thought what is the most important thing for your child's success? You are a parent and you want your child to succeed, too achieve even what you have not achieved? How is this possible?

??? What's the key to success? - !!! EDUCATION? PREPARATION? SKILLS?

The world today is changing rapidly and developing constantly. The skills you have today are not enough for the world of tomorrow and you should always learn and improve.

Until children are grown adults and rush into a busy world, they go through years of education and learning ... which prepares them for the real world and for their future success. In this preparation, EDUCATION is the "HIDDEN TREASURE" that predefines a successful career and competitive advantage. The more educated an individual is, the higher the opportunities for realization are. In many countries the ELITE SCHOOLS ARE GUARANTEE FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER.

Do you want the best possible education for your child - your biggest treasure?

Do you want to see your child growing in front of you and to share all their difficulties and success together? Remember the joy and happiness when you hug and kiss your child.

You have heard and know that THE BEST education is the BRITISH! How nice would it be if your child studies the British way?! How this can be possible?

Do you have to travel thousand kilometers to study into a elite British school? United Kingdom is not the only place with elite British schools! There are 9000 educational institutions in the world that are following the British educational model.

There is an existing ELITE BRITISH SCHOOL in Bulgaria. BRITISH SCHOOL OF SOFIA. It is located in Sofia, Lozenets quarter.

BRITISH SCHOOL OF SOFIA is the first and the ONLY school in Bulgaria that follows British Educational Standards, for students from 2 to 18 years old. This means that it encompasses the whole course of educational stages from Nursery to 6th Form College graduation.

Enrolment Fee

The ENROLMENT FEE is for new pupils only. It is one-off payment, no discount and refund is applicable on the enrolment fee. It aims to confirm the pupil’s place at the school.

Fees are paid in three different plans by parents' choice: three payments, two payments or an annual payment.

  1st payment 2nd payment 3rd payment
ONE ANNUAL PAYMENT 31 August 2017  -
TWO PAYMENTS 31 May 2017 31 January 2018
THREE PAYMENTS 31 May 2017 30 November 2017 28 February 2018

For Re-enrolling students confirmed by 12 April 2017 and paid the first installment by 31 May 2017 there is an extra 8% discount to each child of the family regardless of the chosen payment plan. With Annual plan chosen the first installment is 50% of the total amount.

Payment possibilities could be accomplished by cash or bank transfer.

Exchange rate: 1 € = 1,96 BGL


Please, read detailed information about ADMISSION and FEES in BSS Kindergarten | BSS School | BSS College

The extracurricular activities are paid in advance for one, two or three payments.

Text Books and Stationery


Text books & stationery fee



Primary School (Grades 1-6)

200 EUR per school year

Middle Secondary School (Grades 7-8)

300 EUR per school year

High School (IGSCE)

400 EUR per 2 years

High School (IB Diploma Programme)

400 EUR per 2 years


Uniform fee: ~ 250 one set per child. See BSS Uniforms.

School Meals

MEAL FEE includes two meals - breakfast and lunch

Three payments Two payments Annual payment
590 BGN~ 300 EUR 840 BGN ~ 430 EUR 1 570 BGN ~ 800 EUR

For more information please refer to: School Meals



Direction Three payments Two payments Annual payment
Two way 1 450 BGN ~ 740 EUR 2 060 BGN ~ 1 050 EUR 3 920 BGN ~ 2 000 EUR
One way 1 020 BGN ~ 520 EUR 1 440 BGN ~ 735 EUR 2 740 BGN ~ 1 400 EUR

See Transport section.

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The Entry Exams for students 13-18 years old in EnglishMathematics and Science will take place (each exam is 1 hour):

Schedule for the Entry Exams and Aplication form will be here soon.