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BSS Admission and Fees

What BSS Offers?

British Kindergarten: for children 2–5 years old

British Primary School: for children 6–12 years old

British Secondary School: for children 13–16 years old

British College: for children 16–18 years old



Have you ever thought what the most important thing for your child's success might be? You are a parent and you want your child to succeed, to achieve their full potential? How is this possible?

 What's the key to success? - EDUCATION? PREPARATION? SKILLS?

The world today is changing rapidly and developing constantly. The skills you have today are not enough for the world of tomorrow and you should always learn and improve.

Until children are grown adults and rush into a busy world, they go through years of education and learning; which prepares them for the real world and for their future success. In this preparation, EDUCATION is the "HIDDEN TREASURE" that pre-defines a successful career and a competitive advantage. The more educated an individual is, the higher the opportunities for success. In many countries the ELITE SCHOOLS ARE A GUARANTEE FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER.

Do you want the best possible education for your child - your biggest treasure?

Do you want to see your child growing in front of you and to share all their difficulties and success together? 

You have heard and know that THE BEST education is the BRITISH! Many parents want their children to study the British system.

Do you have to travel thousand kilometers to study at an elite British school? The United Kingdom is not the only place with elite British schools! There are 9000 educational institutions in the world that are following the British educational model.

There is an existing BRITISH SCHOOL in Bulgaria. BRITISH SCHOOL OF SOFIA. It is located in Sofia, Lozenets quarter.

BRITISH SCHOOL OF SOFIA is the first and the ONLY school in Bulgaria that follows British Educational Standards, for students from 2 to 18 years old. This means that it encompasses the whole course of educational stages from Nursery to IB Diploma programme.

School Fees


SCHOOL YEAR 2019 – 2020


Pre - Nursery € 600 3 x € 2 380 2 x € 3 390 € 6 400
Nursery 1 / 2 € 600 3 x € 2 380 2 x € 3 390 € 6 400
Reception € 600 3 x € 2 560 2 x € 3 600 € 6 900


Grade 1 & 2 € 1000 3 x € 3 080 2 x € 4 390 € 8 300
Grades 3 - 6 € 1000 3 x € 3 300 2 x € 4 800 € 9 000


Grade 7 & 8 € 1000 3 x € 3 600 2 x € 5 160 € 9 800


IGCSE Grade 9 & 10 € 1000 3 x € 3 900 2 x € 5 590 € 10 500
IGCSE Grade 9 & 10 (Re-enrolling)   3 x € 3 530 2 x € 5 030 € 9 540
IB Diploma Programme Year 1 & 2 € 1000 3 x € 4 180 2 x € 5 960 € 11 300
IB Diploma Programme Year 1 & 2 (Re-enrolling)   3 x € 3 770 2 x € 5 370 € 10 200

Financial Terms & Conditions

1. School Fees

School fees are quoted in Euro for an academic year (10 months).

1.1 Full Year Enrolment

The ENROLMENT FEE is for new pupils only. It is a one-off payment, no discount and refund is applicable on the enrolment fee. It aims to confirm the pupil’s place at the school.

Enrolment of a pupil is for a full school year. The tuition is payable either on a whole year basis (annual fee or an early bird fee) or in 2 or 3 instalments as per the table above.

The school fee initial instalment for the school year or annual school fee must be paid before June 28th, 2019. No pupil may return to school until at least the initial tuition fee has been fully paid for the year in question.

1.2 Refunds

No refund is payable if:

The School receives cancellation for a student less than seven (7) days before the school year / semester commencement date.

A student withdraws or cancels their enrolment any time after their academic year/semester commencement date.

The terms and conditions of the enrolment agreement entered into by the student and the School are breached, including any breach of a School policy.

The student’s enrolment is cancelled by the School, including cancellation caused by student misconduct or if the student is cancelled for unsatisfactory academic progress.

In any of the above cases, the School may choose to grant a refund if there are compelling, compassionate or exceptional circumstances, which can be verified by the student with satisfactory evidence provided to the School.

1.3 Entry of a Student during the school year

Tuition fees for mid-year enrolment are pro-rata, based on the total number of school weeks remaining in the academic year (excluding holidays).

1.4 Failure to pay school fees

Failure to make payments within the set deadlines will result in the suspension of the pupil.

In case payment is delayed for more than 1 week the School may not be in a position to offer a place.

No documents, certificates or reports will be issued unless the outstanding amounts are paid.

Pupils will be permitted to attend the school only on receipt of application and payment tuition fees.

2. Discounts of tuition fees

Family discount is applied to a second, third and subsequent child enrolled at the British School of Sofia.

A discount of 5% applies for a second child and 10% for a third or subsequent child of one family.

Fees are published in February for the next academic year.

3. Annual re-enrolment fee

Parents will be sent a re-enrolment form for the following school year in March 2019. Places for students will only be secured after the “Re-enrolment Contract” has been signed and the following payments, according fee instalment schemes, are made.

Re-enrolment Fees

Re-enrolment tuition fee

Payment deadline


Annual fee (early bird fee)

Due by 31 May 2019

50% annual fee (deposit)

Fee in 2 instalments

Due by 31 May 2019

1st instalment

Fee in 3 instalments

Due by 31 May 2019

1st instalment


An annual re-enrolment fee is included in a pro-forma invoice sent out by 31st May 2019 and is debited from the fees for the next academic year.

Parents of pupils intending to leave the school in June must send written confirmation of their departure before 31st May 2019.

4. Payment schemes of tuition fees

Families have three payment schemes on their disposal:

  • Annual fee (an early bird fee for re-enrolling pupils only).
  • Payment in 2 instalments.
  • Payment in 3 instalments.

4.1   Annual fee (an early bird fee)

The early bird fee is applicable for re-enrolling students only. It is split into two equal installments and has a discount included. The first instalment is paid in advance by 31st May 2019 and the second one is paid before 31st August 2019.

New families have to pay the full amount of the annual fee by 31 August 2019.

Resources Fee

The Resources fee includes all textbooks, stationary materials, access to electronic learning materials, and other compulsory educational visits, excluding green and white school.


Resources Fee



Primary School (Grades 1-6)

500 EUR per school year

Secondary School (Grades 7-8)

500 EUR per school year

High School IGSCE

800 EUR per 2 years

High School (IB Diploma Programme)

800 EUR per 2 years

Examinations Fee

The students at British School of Sofia sit on the following mandatory exams at the end of the respective academic stage. The exams are additionally paid according to the fees of the examinations boards.

The fees are announced at the beginning of the school year so as a detailed information about the exams.

  • Students in Grade 6 – CIE Primary Checkpoint Exams in English, Mathematics and Science
  • Students in Grade 8 – CIE Lower Secondary Checkpoint Exams in English, Mathematics and Science
  • Students in Grade 10 – International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Exams - mandatory exams in English, Mathematics, Science / Biology and a choice of 2 to 5 additional subjects
  • Students in Grade 12 - International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme exams in 6 subjects and 3 additional modelues - Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and Extended Essay.


Uniforms are obligatory at the British School of Sofia. Uniforms are provided by BONITA STYLE LTD.


1303 Sofia, 122, Ovche pole Str, fl. 2

tel.: 02 891 39 94, 02 931 48 74

mobile: 0889 31 91 30



 Uniform fee: ~ € 250 set per child per school year.

We recommend: 2 shirts “La Costa” with short sleeves, two shirts with long sleeves, two T-shirts for Physical education, pair of trousers, shorts, a set of equipment for Physical education and a skirt for girls. Also available are sneakers, socks, etc.

For more information, please visit: BSS Uniforms.

School Meals

Meal fee includes two meals, morning breakfast and lunch.

Meal Fees Kindergarten

Three payments meal fee

Two payments meal fee

Annual payment meal fee

650 BGN ~ 330 EUR

940 BGN ~ 480 EUR

1760 BGN ~ 900 EUR

Meal fees School

Three payments meal fee

Two payments meal fee

Annual payment meal fee

725 BGN ~ 370 EUR

1040 BGN ~ 530 EUR

1960 BGN ~ 1000 EUR

Meals are paid in one, two or three instalments (no daily based rates are applied) under the same deadlines as the school fees.

Once a meal is requested and the meal is paid, no reimbursement of meal fees will be made.

For more information please visit: School Meals


The School offers home-school-home transportation service. The service covers Sofia-town area. No discounts are applied. The transportation fees are given below:

Transportation fees



Three payments transport fee

Two payments transport fee

Annual payment transport fee


Two way

860 BGN ~ 440 EUR

1234 BGN ~ 630 EUR

 2350 BGN ~ 1200 EUR


One way

530 BGN ~ 270 EUR

745 BGN ~ 380 EUR

1410 BGN ~ 720 EUR


Two way

1160 BGN ~ 590 EUR

1650 BGN ~ 840 EUR

 3140 BGN ~ 1600 EUR


One way

690 BGN ~ 350 EUR

1000 BGN ~ 510 EUR

 1880 BGN ~ 960 EUR


Two way

1450 BGN ~ 740 EUR

2060 BGN ~ 1050 EUR

 3920 BGN ~ 2000 EUR


One way

1020 BGN ~ 520 EUR

1440 BGN ~ 735 EUR

 2740 BGN ~ 1400 EUR

For more information please visit: Transport 

Extracurricular Activities Fees

The extracurricular activities (ECA) are chosen in September and start in October. Once enrolled to a certain activity, the choice of ECA concerns the period it is paid – 1 term.

The ECAs can only be paid termly.

The ECAs can be changed only in January. Any withdrawal before this does not assume refund of already made payments.

Some individual learning support will also be charged on an individual basis.

Academic Stages

In School Year 2019 – 2020 students of the following age groups will be accepted:

Academic Stage


Born in

Pre - Nursery

2 - 3 years old


Nursery 1

3.5 - 4 years old


Nursery 2

4.5 - 5 years old



5.5 - 6 years old


Grade 1

6.5 - 7 years old


Grade 2

7.5 - 8 years old


Grade 3

8.5 - 9 years old


Grade 4

9.5 - 10 years old


Grade 5

10.5 - 11 years old


Grade 6

11.5 - 12 years old


Grade 7

12.5 - 13 years old


Grade 8

13.5 - 14 years old


Grade 9

14.5 - 15 years old


Grade 10

15.5 - 16 years old


Grade 11

16.5 - 17 years old


Grade 12

17.5 - 18 years old